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WP-09.0 Trolley/2 Sect Pallet

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Part #: CWP0900U1



Premium Fabric Colors

A set of side rails is required for this item.
  • PB-15.5 Side Rails Varnished (CPB1505W1)
  • PB-15.6 Side Rails Chromium (CPB1506W1)

 Fifth Wheen

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Product Description

The WP-09 is used for transporting patients between clinical areas. It is possible to monitor a patient using a mobile C-arm imaging system.

Stretcher Features

  • Height adjustment of the top and longitudinal tilt are executed with the use of hydraulic actuators adjusted by foot levers
  • The height of the stretcher top can be adjusted to the height of a hospital bed or an operating table
  • Four large wheels with a central locking system. Optional fifth wheel for easier maneuverability.
  • Molded oxygen bottle cradle and fastening belts are included on the stretcher base
  • Head board is removable
  • Wide range of upholstery colors

Standard Construction

  • The stretcher top is radiolucent. The optional X-ray cassette tray can be fixed under the top making it possible for X-ray imaging over the whole top length
  • The stretcher is made of steel sections covered with white (RAL 9002) colored powder coating and is resistant to scratches and disinfectant agents
  • Back rest segment is adjusted with the use of gasassist lifting system with automatic position lock
  • Base of the stretcher is protected with ABS plastic covers in white (RAL 9002) color.
  • The stretcher top consists of two segments with mattress and a basket designed for storing the patient belongings. Bumpers fixed in corners of the top protect it against damage

Product Specs

  • Total length 82.7" (2100 mm)
  • Total width (without side rails) 31.5" (800 mm)
  • Total width (with side rails) 33.9" (860 mm)
  • Mattress dimensions 75.6" (1920 mm) x 26.6" (675 mm) x 2.4" (60 mm)
  • Top height adjustment 22" (560 mm) to 35" (890 mm)
  • Back rest inclination 0° to 70°
  • Thigh rest inclination* (Version of the stretcher with 4 section top)* 30°
  • Shank rest inclination* (Version of the stretcher with 4 section top)*: 22°
  • Trendelenburg position 15°
  • Reverse Trendelenburg position 15°
  • Wheels diameter 7.9" (200 mm)
  • Permissible load (static) 551.2 lb (250 kg)
  • Permissible load (dynamic) 485 lb (220 kg)