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LE-13 ICU Bed

  • LE-13 ICU Bed
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Part #: CLE1391W2



Insert Colors


MC-28.32 Mattress (CMC2832U1)

The MC-28.32 Mattress is available in white only. The mattress is in a waterproof, steam permeable cover (DAHLIA).

This item is required


A set of side rails is required for this product. You must choose one of the following options

  • PB-15.0 - Side rails varnished with adapters (1pair)
  • PB-15.1 - Side rails chromium plated with adapters (1pair)
  • PB-19.2 - Divided side rails, made of plastic with inserts/ 4 pcs/, without controls
  • PB-19.3 - Divided side rails, made of plastic with inserts/ 4 pcs/, with controls

Additional foot controller to be placed on one side of the bed LE-13.0 without scale


WL-99.51 Dual Foot Controllers (CWL9951W1)

Pallet segments filled in removable ABS covers

  • PB-22.2 ABS Divided Side Rails w/o Controls: Divided side rails, made of ABS with external inserts /4 pcs/ without control
  • PB-22.3 ABS Divided Side Rails w/ Controls :Divided side rails, made of ABS with external inserts /4 pcs/ with control

ABS head/foot boards with external inserts (1 pair)

Third set of side rails, made of ABS

Tunnel for X-ray cassette with tray, under the bed segments /PL-18.0+PL-18.9/

Tunnel for X-ray cassette with tray, under the back rest segment /PL-18.1+PL-18.9/


Indicator of back rest inclination (2 pcs)


Indicator of bed pallet inclination (2 pcs)


Holder for oxygen bottle


CareLink Installation is required for all Operating Room Tables and ICU Beds with scales.

Making your install seamless from coordination of delivery with your BioMed Team, to installation, verification, and documentation of the equipment; coupled with 30 minutes of end-user equipment training.

More information about CareLink Installation can be found on the Service & Support page.

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Product Description

Benefits for patients:

  • Low bed frame position and four side rails facilitate getting in and out of the bed safely
  • Autocontour function adjusts backrest and thigh rest segments simultaneously and reduces the pressure to the patient's body
  • Cardioligic chair position improves patient's comfort
  • Hand controller and controls on side rails allow a patient to choose the most comfortable position
  • Possibility of bed frame extension


Benefits for technical staff:

  • The bed is covered with powder varnish resistant to UV radiation, mechanical damages and disinfecting agents
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Certified for patient weights of up to 551.2 lb. (250 kg)
  • The bed is equipped with reliable actuators and control systems
  • Long term availability of spare parts is guaranteed


Benefits for medical staff:

  • Easily removable headboard enables quick access to a patient for emergency procedures
  • 5th wheel and directional wheel enable easy maneuvering of the bed by one person
  • Lateral tilts make the care process easier and eliminate inconvenient factors for medical staff (e.g. moving of heavy patients, spine overload)
  • Possibility of adjustment of bed functions during patient's transportation
  • Scale system allows checking patient's weight in order to dose right quantity of medications
  • Possibility of taking x-ray pictures and using C-arm
  • Modern design ensures easy use and service


Benefits for decision makers:

  • Possibility of using wide range of additional equipment
  • Wide range of colors for boards and side rails create a more pleasant hospital room environment
  • Low cost of maintenance

Product Specs

  • Bed length: 89.8" (2280 mm)
  • Total bed length with the bed frame extension: 97.6" (2480 mm)
  • Total bed length with shortened bed frame: 85.8" (2180 mm)
  • Total bed width: 38" (965 mm)
  • Total bed width with side rails: PB-15 38.2" (970 mm)
  • Total bed width with raised side rails: PB-22 39" (990 mm)
  • Total bed width with lowered side rails: PB-22 40.9" (1040 mm)
  • Mattress length x width: 80" (2060 mm) x 33.1" (840 mm)
  • Height adjustment: 18.3" - 34.1" (465-865 mm) (electric actuator)
  • Back rest segment inclination: 0°-74° (electric actuator)
  • Thigh rest segment inclination: 0°-45° (electric actuator)
  • Shank rest segment inclination: 24°
  • Shank rest segment adjustment: (gas spring)
  • Trendelenburg position: 15° (electric actuator)
  • Reverse-Trendelenburg position: 17° (electric actuator)
  • Lateral tilt: 25° (electric actuator)
  • Back rest segment autoregress: 4.7" (120 mm)
  • Thigh rest segment autoregress: 3.5" (90 mm)
  • Bed frame extension: 7.9" (200 mm)
  • Bed frame shortening (option): 3.9" (100 mm)
  • Permissible load: 551.2 lb. (250 kg)
  • Power supply: 230/127/110/100 V ~, 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 350 VA
  • Protection class against electrocution: I (optionally II)
  • Application part type: B
  • Protection degree for environment influence: IP 54 (optionally IP 66)
  • Castors diameter:
       single: 5.9" (150 mm)
       double: 5.9" (150 mm) (option)

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