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NANO Hospital Bed

  • NANO ICU Bed
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Part #: CLE1210U8



Insert Colors


MC-28.32 Mattress (CMC2832U1)

The MC-28.32 Mattress is available in white only. The mattress is in a waterproof, steam permeable cover (DAHLIA).

This item is required


A set of side rails is required for this product.

  • PB-15.0 - Side rails varnished with adaptors (1pair)
  • PB-15.1 - Side rails chromium plated with adaptors (1pair)
  • PB-19.4 - Divided side rails, made of plastic with inserts/ 4 pcs/, without controls
  • PB-19.5 - Divided side rails, made of plastic with inserts/ 4 pcs/, with controls


Add devided side rails made of ABS with external inserts (4 piece set)with or without controls.

 Tunnel for X-ray cassette with tray, under the back rest segment

 Tunnel for X-ray cassette with tray, under the bed segments

ABS head/foot boards with external inserts (1 pair)

Third set of side rails, made of ABS


Indicator of back rest inclination (2 pcs)


Indicator of bed pallet inclination (2 pcs)

 Range of height adjustment 390*770 mm (extends lower AND higher) (420-710mm standard)

 Additional one foot controller mounted on one side of the bed

 Additional one foot controller mounted on one side of the bed


CareLink Installation is optional for iMS products other than Operating Room Tables and ICU Beds with scales.

Making your install seamless from coordination of delivery with your BioMed Team, to installation, verification, and documentation of the equipment; coupled with 30 minutes of end-user equipment training.

With support nationally, we have efficient zone prices starting at $1,200 USD per install. Please contact us to develop the best solution for your needs.

More information about CareLink Installation can be found on the Service & Support page.

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Product Description

Designing the NANO beds, we went for solutions bound to yield benefits for both medical staff and patients.


The minimum distance of the lying surface from the floor is 16.1" (41 cm), optionally 15.4" (39 cm). It prevents the patient from falling off the bed and secures him while getting out of it.

Silver Nanoparticles

The parts of the bed made of plastic and ABS (headboard/footboard, side rails, etc.) contain silver nanoparticles.

Internal Control Panel

The location of the control panels also on the internal sides of the side rails allows the patient to easily, effortlessly and safely alter the bed position and adjust its height.

X-ray Translucency

The NANO bed is X-Ray permeable. Thanks to the special laminate with which the mattress is covered and columnar structure, the product is fully compatible with the C-arm, which allows the physician to X-ray the patient, and even diagnose him, without having to leave the bed (option).

Product Specs

  • Bed's length: 89.8" ± .8" (2280 ± 20 mm)
  • Bed's width (with side rails): 38" ± .4" (965 mm ± 10 mm)
  • Height adjustment (version I): 15.4" - 30.3" (390 770 mm)
  • Height adjustment (version II): 16.1" - 28" (410 710 mm)
  • Back rest segment inclination: 70 ± 3°
  • Thigh rest segment inclination: 40° ± 3°
  • Trendelenburg position: 15° ± 3°
  • Reverse Trendelenburg position: 15° ± 3°
  • Casters diameter: 5.9" (150 mm)
  • Permissible load: 551.2 lb. (250 kg)
  • Power supply: 230/127/110/100 V 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 350 VA/230 V
  • Class of protection: II
  • Type part of the application: B
  • Degree of protection: IP-54 (optional IP-66)
  • Period of use: 10 years

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