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FK-04.0 Treatment Chair

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Part #: CFK0400U1



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Product Description

The chair is designed for supporting the patient during dialysis and cytostatic treatments. It can also be used in blood donation stations.

Standard Construction

  • Height, back rest and leg rest segment inclination angle, and Trendelenburg adjustments are performed by electric actuators controlled by the easily accessible wired hand control (which can be conveniently hung on a hand rest)
  • Inclination angle of the hand rests, head rest, and foot support are adjustable manually
  • The chair is equipped with casters with individual locks

Treatment Chair Functions and Adjustments

  • Manually adjustable foot support
  • Manually rotated hand rests
  • Hand rests stay level to the ground when back rest is adjusted
  • Manually adjusted head rest
  • Wired hand control (standard)

Product Specs

  • Total chair width: 36.2" (920 mm)
  • Total chair length: 85.4" (2170 mm)
  • Foot support segment slide: 6.3" (160 mm)
  • Height adjustment: 21.7" (550 mm) to 29.5" (750 mm)
  • Back rest segment adjustment: 0° to +75°
  • Leg rest segment adjustment: 0° to -45°
  • Trendelenburg position: 12°
  • Permissible load: 363.8 lb (165 kg)
  • Power supply: 230/127/110/100 V ˜, 50/60 Hz
  • Protection class against electric shock: II
  • Application part type: B
  • Protection degree against environment influence: IP-X4